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Assessing Spirituality in a Diverse World

Kevin A. Harris (Hrsg.), Amy L. Ai (Hrsg.), Raymond F. Paloutzian (Hrsg.), Paul Wink (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This volume addresses an important problem in social scientific research on global religions and spirituality: How to evaluate the role of diverse religious and spiritual (R/S) beliefs and practices within the rapid evolution of spiritual globalization and diversification trends. The book examines this question by bringing together a panel of international scholars including psychologists, sociologists, and researchers in religious studies, public health, medicine, and social work. The content includes chapters describing innovative concepts of post-Christian spirituality, Eastern forms of meditation, afterlife beliefs associated with the three dominant cultural legacies, various non-religious worldviews, spiritual Jihad, and secular and religious reverence. The book also covers such important themes as spiritual well-being, faith, struggle, meaning making, modeling, and support, as well as mysticism and using prayer to cope with existential crises. This book advances the understanding of the role of R/S across different faiths and cultural systems, including both Western and non-Western ones, and enriches the mainstream of psychological sciences and practices. It appeals to students, educators, researchers, and clinicians in multiple related fields and disciplines.

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Multicultural scales, Assessing religion, Diversified world, Multicultural assessment, Measurement of Diverse Adolescent Spirituality (MDAS), Diverse measurement, Spiritual and Religious Antagonism Scale (SARAS), Soul Scale and Prediction for Psychological Wellbeing, Expressions of Spirituality Inventory (ESI), Measurement Invariance Tests for Nonbelievers, Beyond the mainstream perspective, Measures of spirituality, Assessing spirituality, Multicultural measurement, Bifactor Model for Nonbelievers, Measures of religiosity and religiousness, Spiritual Orientation Inventory (SOI), Spiritual Modeling Self-Efficacy, Stand-Alone (SMSE-SA) scale, Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire