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Power-Sharing in Europe

Past Practice, Present Cases, and Future Directions

Allison McCulloch (Hrsg.), Soeren Keil (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politisches System


This book evaluates the performance of consociational power-sharing arrangements in Europe. Under what conditions do consociational arrangements come in and out of being? How do consociational arrangements work in practice? The volume assesses how consociationalism is adopted, how it functions, and how it reforms or ends. Chapters cover early adopters of consociationalism, including both those which moved on to other institutional designs (the Netherlands, Austria) as well as those that continue to use consociational processes to manage their differences (Belgium, Switzerland, South Tyrol). Also analysed are ‘new wave’ cases where consociationalism was adopted after violent internal conflict (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Northern Ireland) and cases of unresolved conflict where consociationalism may yet help mediate ongoing divisions (Cyprus, Spain).


Soeren Keil is Reader in Politics and International Relations, Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom.


Allison McCulloch is Associate Professor in Political Science, Brandon University, Canada.

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territorial autonomy, consensus democracy, power-sharing, multinational federation, constitutional design in divided societies, institutional design in post-conflict societies, federalism, Territorial Politics, consociationalism