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The Faces of Contemporary Populism in Western Europe and the US

Karine Tournier-Sol (Hrsg.), Marie Gayte (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politisches System


This edited book aims to contribute to the political science scholarship on populism by focusing on the contemporary manifestations of populism in light of the current context. Populism has gone global, with populist parties gaining considerable ground, particularly in the last decade: populists are now in government in almost every part of the globe. In so doing, this book not only takes stock of the previous work on populism, but also builds upon it to further deepen our understanding of the phenomenon and take research forward. The authors explore different facets of the most recent manifestations of populism, trying to engage in new avenues as suggested by recent and authoritative academic work. The approach is comparative and multi-dimensional, with a cross-regional focus on Western Europe and the USA. The 12 contributions gathered in this book address a wide spectrum of aspects, many of which are largely understudied.

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radical-right, Populism, Podemos, left-wing populism, Lega Party, The Tea Party, Austrian political system, political rhetoric, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, foreign policy, French 2017 elections, populist, UKIP, Trump, Brexit referendum, Populism and Media, Labour Party, Religion, American welfare state