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Feminist Vigilance

Victoria L. Bergvall (Hrsg.), Diane L. Shoos (Hrsg.), Patty Sotirin (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This collection advances vigilance as a critical feminist concept and strategy for addressing contemporary challenges. The assembled chapters develop feminist vigilance by elaborating concrete examples that emphasize action, ethics, and hope. Chapter authors expand on current feminist discussions about such issues as Black women’s self-care and anticipatory vigilance; media portrayals of race, gender, and violence; religion and social justice; technofeminist activism; postcolonial feminist critique; research ethics; and collective civic action. The contributions engage with larger discussions of social precarity, public anxiety, post-feminist appeals, and future feminist trajectories. Particular benefits of the collection include relatable content based in contemporary experiences, insightful and pragmatic conceptions of vigilance from feminist perspectives, and critical engagement with issues of intersectionality, agency, embodiment, and care ethics. The collection aims to address the need for productive academic responses to contemporary challenges to gendered identities, feminism, and intersectional relations that avoid abstractions or overwhelmingly negative analyses. Instead, this collection invites readers to engage in feminist vigilance as a fresh perspective, commitment, and strategy.

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Feminsm, Feminist concepts, Gun violence, Black feminism, Technofeminism, Domestic violence in media, Post-feminism, Feminist empowerment, Women and religion