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The Challenges of Resolving the Israeli–Palestinian Dispute

An Impossible Peace?

Bren Carlill

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politisches System


This book explains why the Israeli–Palestinian dispute is so difficult to resolve by showing that it consists of multiple distinct conflicts. Because these tend to be conflated into a single conflict, attempts at peace have not worked. Underpinned by conflict theory, observations of those involved and analyses of polling data, the book argues that peace will not be possible until each of the dispute’s distinct conflicts are managed.

Early chapters establish a theoretical framework to explain and define the different conflicts. This framework is then applied to the history of the dispute. The actions and perceptions of Israelis and Palestinians make sense when viewed through this framework. The Oslo peace process is examined in detail to explain how and why each side’s expectations were not met. Ultimately, lessons in ways to build a future viable peace are drawn from the failures of the past.

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Middle East, peace studies, Israel, Palestine, Israeli–Palestinian dispute, Arab–Israeli conflict