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Cultural Change in East-Central European and Eurasian Spaces

Post-1989 Revisions and Re-imaginings

Eugenia Sojka (Hrsg.), Susan C. Pearce (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book weaves together research on cultural change in Central Europe and Eurasia: notably, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. Examining massive cultural shifts in erstwhile state-communist nations since 1989, the authors analyze how the region is moving in both freeing and restrictive directions. They map out these directions in such arenas as LGBTQ protest cultures, new Russian fiction, Polish memory of Jewish heritage, ethnic nationalisms, revival of minority cultures, and loss of state support for museums. From a comparison of gender constructions in 30 national constitutions to an exploration of a cross-national artistic collaborative, this insightful book illuminates how the region’s denizens are swimming in changing tides of transnational cultures, resulting in new hybridities and innovations. Arguing for a decolonization of the region and for the significance of culture, the book appeals to a wide, interdisciplinary readership interested in cultural change, post-communist societies, and globalization.

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Europeanness and Authenticity, Consumption and Popular Culture, Migrant-Phobia in Russia, Racial Diversification, Neglected Discourses of the Human Race, Islamic Perspective of Human Rights, Multiculturalism in Polish Post-Enlargement National Identity, Changes in Polish Eating Practices, Slavs and Tatars, Current Cultural Representations of Gender, Upper Silesia, Cultures of Political Activism, Architecture and Ideology in Post-Soviet Development, Queer Politics in Neoliberal Poland, Global Popular Culture for Local Infrastructures