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Asset Pricing and Investment Styles in Digital Assets

A Comparison with Traditional Asset Classes

Tobias Glas

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


This book analyzes the emerging asset class of digital assets. When a new asset class originates, researchers try to understand some basic questions: Can digital assets, with the flagship asset bitcoin, really be considered a serious asset class? Since it is possible to trade digital assets, does it make sense to trade or to invest in these assets? How do digital assets compare to traditional asset classes like equities or bonds?

After describing basic financial theory and breaking down the digital asset universe, this book provides fundamental knowledge with respect to this young and rising asset class. It focuses on special issues like the application of technical indicators, investment styles, asset pricing and portfolio construction. Furthermore, it offers remarks and links to other traditional asset classes and describes and warns of data issues in digital asset data.

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