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Global Sustainability

Trends, Challenges & Case Studies

A. K. Haghi (Hrsg.), Shrikaant Kulkarni (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geowissenschaften


Relying upon extensive global and multidisciplinary research, this book analyzes the perils of market-driven scenarios and peeps into the possibilities responsible for the failure of traditional approaches. It helps in identifying the goals and approaches amenable to sustainable development reflecting upon an ecologically and inclusively sustainable global future. It enriches knowledge base of all research scholars and professionals as well as paves the way for bravely facing the challenges to the sustainability. The book also sheds light on the current and future trends in the domain of sustainability in terms of scenarios, strategies to be adopted, anticipated transitions in climate, and evolution and adoption of best sustainable practices for the common good.

Academicians and researchers and professionals from across universities, research, governmental, and private organizations have made their invaluable contributions. The perspectives contributed are drawn from Central and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. They cover a spectrum of topics, covering the philosophy underlying sustainable development, organizations, ethics, belief systems, cultures, use of resources, energy, models, cost-benefit analysis, international trade, financial aid, forestry, wildlife, land rights, fisheries, and more. Irrespective of the reader's interest on sustainable development, this book embodies meaningful and productive intent and content.

The chapters present well-known topics but with different perspectives, suggesting ways to enhance the present practices and proposing new avenues in furthering the work. The book is intended to cover a wide range of audiences, catering to the needs of a diverse readership. The value of this book is quantified in terms of new concepts and terminology it generates and works as a reference source.

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Best practices, Ecological degradation, Implications, Science, Sustainability, Global, Engineering, Environment, Ecology, Case studies, Practical