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Nanoscience with Liquid Crystals

From Self-Organized Nanostructures to Applications

Quan Li (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Sonstiges


This book focuses on the exciting topic of nanoscience with liquid crystals: from self-organized nanostructures to applications. The elegant self-organized liquid crystalline nanostructures, the synergetic characteristics of liquid crystals and nanoparticles, liquid crystalline nanomaterials, synthesis of nanomaterials using liquid crystals as templates, nanoconfinement and nanoparticles of liquid crystals are covered and discussed, and the prospect of fabricating functional materials is highlighted. Contributions, collecting the scattered literature of the field from leading and active players, are compiled to make the book a reference book. Readers will find the book useful and of benefit both as summaries for works in this field and as tutorials and explanations of concepts for those just entering the field. Additionally, the book helps to stimulate future developments.

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Self-organized Nanostructures, Holographic Polymer Liquid Crystals, Nanoscience with Liquid Crystal, Liquid Crystals as Templates, Nanoconfinements of Liquid Crystals, Fluid Nanostructures, Crystalline Block Copolymers, Nanoporous Particles, Self-organized Materials, Lyotropic Chromic Liquid Crystals