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REBT in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adults

Ioana Alina Cristea, Anca Dobrean, Oana David, et al.

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This clinical guide reviews the basics of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and presents a quartet of tested protocols for treating anxiety disorders in children and adults. Adult applications feature REBT for treating generalized anxiety disorder and a brief REBT/virtual reality immersion approach to social anxiety disorder. For children and adolescents, a REBT and a rational-emotive educational program address anxiety with interventions tailored to age and developmental considerations. Each protocol suggests measures for screening for suitability and differential diagnosis, explains the usefulness of REBT for the problem, and includes these features: Session-by-session therapist guide with case formulation and relevant techniques.In-session evaluation scales.Client worksheets and exercises.Developmentally appropriate materials for children and adolescents.Agendas for parent sessions to supplement children's therapy.Recommended readings for clients and reference lists for therapists. REBT in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adults offers a wealth of proven hands-on knowledge not only for practitioners using REBT in their work, such as therapists, clinical psychologists, and counselors, but also for researchers studying the efficacy of psychotherapy interventions for anxiety disorders.

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social anxiety disorder, virtual reality, behavioral and relaxation exercises, cognitive restructuring techniques, REBT clinical trials, internet-based psychological treatments, social anxiety in children and adolescents, anxiety disorders in children and adults, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorders, treatment accessibility, evaluative cognitions/irrational beliefs, REBT and anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy