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Education Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Voices From a Global Online Educators’ Forum

Hélia Jacinto, Gloria Latham, Ian G. Kennedy, et al.

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This monograph presents the current views, challenges and future needs of educators from a global online exchange where educators and researchers discuss the 21 st century skills needed by students and teachers. The three editors, who participated in the global online research discussion group, also assumed the role of authors to summarise, analyse and celebrate the myriad of ideas generated in a topic thread that had well over a thousand responses from 26 countries. Through Comparative Analysis they then compared the posters’ ideas to some current big thinkers in education. This text promotes teachers’ voices from diverse disciplines and sectors who are united in their desire for purposeful and radical change in how teaching is carried out and what is taught. The text advocates shifting power away from government control and standardisation towards empowering teachers to guide and further develop the unique talents of diverse individuals.

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Digital literacy, Efficacy, Educational change, Participatory learning, Professional development, Global education, Metacognitive skills, Non-invasive education, Creative problem-solving, Teaching and learning, Lifelong learning, 21st century skills, Holistic learning