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Multimedia Signals and Systems

Basic and Advanced Algorithms for Signal Processing

Ervin Sejdić, Srdjan Stanković, Irena Orović, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Informatik


This book is designed for students, professionals and researchers in the field of multimedia and related fields with a need to learn the basics of multimedia systems and signal processing. Emphasis is given to the analysis and processing of multimedia signals (audio, images, and video). Detailed insight into the most relevant mathematical apparatus and transformations used in multimedia signal processing is given. A unique relationship between different transformations is also included, opening new perspectives for defining novel transforms in specific applications. Special attention is dedicated to the compressive sensing area, which has a great potential to contribute to further improvement of modern multimedia systems. In addition to the theoretical concepts, various standard and more recently accepted algorithms for the reconstruction of different types of signals are considered. Additional information and details are also provided to enable a comprehensive analysis of audio and video compression algorithms. Finally, the book connects these principles to other important elements of multimedia systems, such as the analysis of optical media, digital watermarking, and telemedicine.

New to this edition:

Introduction of the generalization concept to consolidate the time-frequency signal analysis, wavelet transformation, and Hermite transformation

Inclusion of prominent robust transformation theory used in the processing of noisy multimedia data as well as

advanced multimedia data filtering approaches, including image filtering techniques for impulse noise environment

Extended video compression algorithms

Detailed coverage of compressive sensing in multimedia applications


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Systems in Telemedicine, Storing of Digital Audio Signals, Transmission of Digital Audio Signals, Multimedia Signals in Telemedicine, Multimedia Signal Processing