Preventing Abuse and Neglect in the Lives of Children with Disabilities

E. Paula Crowley

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book addresses the development of our understanding of the abuse and neglect in the lives of children with disabilities. Disabilities in childhood uniquely dispose children for their abuse and neglect. Additionally, abuse and neglect dispose children for disabilities. The care and education of children with disabilities requires unique knowledge and skills and so does the consideration of their abuse and neglect. This book is based on data generated from an analysis of cases involving the abuse and neglect of children with disabilities as well as on an analysis of the data based literature in this area. Readers are provided with analysis and reflection exercises throughout the text so that they may analyze and reflect on their own awareness of the abuse and neglect of children with disabilities. Each chapter also contains a set of implications for research and practice.  The final chapter focuses directly on prevention. Caregivers and professionals across disciplines will develop a new understanding of their roles in universal, secondary, and tertiary level prevention that is targeted, focused, data-based, and designed to prevent the abuse and neglect of children with disabilities in the first place.

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Preventing Abuse and Neglect, Lives of Children with Disabilities, The Forms of Abuse and Neglect, The Outcomes of the Abuse and Neglect, Understanding the Context of Abuse and Neglect, The disabilities of the perpetrators, The Roles and Relationships of Perpetrators, Prevailing Disability Characteristics, Gender and Age Trends, Analysis of the Gender and Abuse of Perpetrators