Rethinking Management

Confronting the Roots and Consequences of Current Theory and Practice

Terry Wykowski, Neil Douglas

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


This book challenges the roots and elements of the existing dominant paradigm of management, which can legitimize artless practices and result in dysfunction, and proposes an alternative based on a different understanding of human nature and social and economic life. This paradigm is designed to bring about the conception of organizations as wholes rather than assemblies of disembodied fragments, with managers as facilitators of the work of others and shapers of culture, with a clear sense of purpose and a moral compass. Such a paradigm would result in a practice of management that is more competent, more purposeful, and more ethical, based on a more accurate and complete comprehension of reality. 

This book sets forth a more optimistic understanding of human nature and collective life, and the hope that we can be and do better.  It is a major contribution to the field of management and will benefit academics, managers, and consultants working in the fields of organizational development and strategic change.

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Teamwork, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Behavioral economics, Organizational Culture, Enterprise Management, organizational dysfunction, Strategic Management, Ethics