Periprosthetic Fractures of the Hip and Knee

Surgical Techniques and Tips

Richard S. Yoon (Hrsg.), Frank A. Liporace (Hrsg.)

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This up-to-date, comprehensive yet concise guide for orthopedic surgeons covers the salient points of anatomy and operative approaches for the management of periprosthetic fractures of the hip and knee: breaks in bone that occur around the components or implants of a total joint replacement. The opening chapter focuses on the general considerations and work-up of these injuries, including epidemiology, classification, anatomy, and knowledge of the biomechanics and biology behind the treatments. The subsequent sections then discuss the hip and knee, respectively, and are case-based. These describe management strategies for the particular periprosthetic fracture with either a stable or a loose prosthesis as well as associated complications, including fractures of the acetabulum, the greater trochanter and proximal femur, distal femur, tibia, and interprosthetic and interimplant fractures.

Written by experts in the field and replete with plentiful, practical tips and tricks, Periprosthetic Fractures of the Hip and Knee is a valuable resource for orthopedic and trauma surgeons, residents and fellows.

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Hip arthroplasty, Interprosthetic fracture, Acetabular fracture, Stable prosthesis, Greater trochanter, Painful implant, Tibial fracture, Proximal femur, Distal femur, Loose cup, Periprosthetic fracture, Loose prosthesis, Stable cup, Knee arthroplasty