The Human Being, the World and God

Studies at the Interface of Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience

Anne L.C. Runehov

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This book offers a philosophical analysis of what it is to be a human being in all her aspects. It analyses what is meant by the self and the I and how this feeling of a self or an I is connected to the brain. It studies specific cases of brain disorders, based on the idea that in order to understand the common, one has to study the specific. The book shows how the self is thought of as a three-fold emergent self, comprising a relationship between an objective neural segment, a subjective neural segment and a subjective transcendent segment. It explains that the self in the world tackles philosophical problems such as the problem of free will, the problem of evil, the problem of human uniqueness and empathy. It demonstrates how the problem of time also has its place here. For many people, the world includes ultimate reality; hence the book provides an analysis and evaluation of different relationships between human beings and Ultimate Reality (God). The book presents an answer to the philosophical problem of how one could understand divine action in the world. 

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Human being, Emotion and Cognition, Human uniqueness, Mystical Experience, Neural Networks, Philosophy of Religion, Belief systems, Human matters, Philosophy of Mind, Near-death Experience, To be human, Cyborgs and robots, Theory of Mind, Neuroscience