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Carbon Footprint and the Industrial Life Cycle

From Urban Planning to Recycling

Roberto Álvarez Fernández (Hrsg.), Sergio Zubelzu (Hrsg.), Rodrigo Martínez (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Entwicklungstheorie und Entwicklungspolitik


This book analyzes the relationship between large-scale industrial activity and the carbon footprint, and provides a theoretical framework and tools to calculate the carbon footprint of industrial activities at every stage of their life cycles, including urban-planning master plans, recycling activities, project and building stages as well as managing and manufacturing. Discussing the main preventative and corrective measures that can be utilized, it includes case studies, reports on technological developments and examples of successful policies to provide inspiration to readers. This book collects the contributions of authors from four continents, in order to analyze from as many as possible points of view and using many different approaches, the problem of sustainability in today’s globalized world.

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Roberto Álvarez Fernández



Industrial activities, Recycling activities, Gas supply infrastructure, Sustainability and urban planning, Urban planning master plan, Carbon footprint sustainability, Energy management, Greenhouse gas emissions, Waste management infrastructure, Urban sustainability design, Potable water infrastructure, Calculating industrial carbon footprints