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Modeling and Monitoring of Pipelines and Networks

Advanced Tools for Automatic Monitoring and Supervision of Pipelines

Cristina Verde (Hrsg.), Lizeth Torres (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik


This book focuses on the analysis and design of advanced techniques for on-line automatic computational monitoring of pipelines and pipe networks. It discusses how to improve the systems’ security considering mathematical models of the flow, historical flow rate and pressure data, with the main goal of reducing the number of sensors installed along a pipeline. The techniques presented in the book have been implemented in digital systems to enhance the abilities of the pipeline network’s operators in recognizing anomalies. A real leak scenario in a Mexican water pipeline is used to illustrate the benefits of these techniques in locating the position of a leak. Intended for an interdisciplinary audience, the book addresses researchers and professionals in the areas of mechanical, civil and control engineering. It covers topics on fluid mechanics, instrumentation, automatic control, signal processing, computing, construction and diagnostic technologies.

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Network Monitoring with Optimal Sensor Placement, Leaks’ Detection in a Gas Pipeline, Observer Tools for Pipeline Monitoring, Diagnostic of Pipelines, Pattern Recognition for Leaks’ Detection, Leaks’ Detection by Transient Response, Leaks’ Detection in Water Demand Networks, Computational Monitoring of Pipelines, Models for Pipeline Description, Obstruction Modeling in a Pipeline, Discretized Fluid Model Features, Sequential Leaks’ Location, Challenges in Complex Pipelines, One-Dimensional Modeling for Fault Detection, Maneuvers in a Pipeline for Parameters’ Estimation