Twenty-First Century Marianne Moore

Essays from a Critical Renaissance

Elizabeth Gregory (Hrsg.), Stacy Carson Hubbard (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


This collection represents a new range of critical awareness and marks the burgeoning of what is a twenty-first-century Marianne Moore renaissance. The essays explore Moore’s participation in modernist movements and communities, her impact on subsequent generations of artists, and the dynamics of her largely disregarded post-World War II career. At the same time, they track the intersection of the evolution of her poetics with cultural politics across her career. Drawing on fresh perspectives from previously unknown biographical material and new editions and archives of Moore’s work, the essays offer particularly interesting insights on Moore’s relationships and her late career role as a culture icon.  

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Influence of Persian culture in Marianne Moore's work, Dance in Marianne Moore's poetry, future directions for Moore studies, Marianne Moore's political activism, Marianne Moore post WWII, Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop, Linda Leavell, Marianne Moore, numbers, and rhythm, William Blake's influence on Marianne Moore, "Rosemary" by Marianne Moore, Marianne Moore's influence on Andy Warhol, Marianne Moore's dyscalculia, Marianne Moore and Omar Khayyam, Marianne Moore's attitude towards religion, Holding on Upside Down: The Life and Work of Marianne Moore, Marianne Moore's poetic technique, Decision Magazine, modernist hermeneutics, trans-temporal dynamics in Marianne Moore’s work, Marianne Moore's relationship with food