Ultra Low Noise CMOS Image Sensors

Assim Boukhayma

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Elektronik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik


This thesis provides a thorough noise analysis for conventional CIS readout chains, while also presenting and discussing a variety of noise reduction techniques that allow the read noise in standard processes to be optimized. Two physical implementations featuring sub-0.5-electron RMS are subsequently presented to verify the proposed noise reduction techniques and provide a full characterization of a VGA imager. Based on the verified noise calculation, the impact of the technology downscaling on the input-referred noise is also studied.

Further, the thesis covers THz CMOS image sensors and presents an original design that achieves ultra-low-noise performance. Last but not least, it provides a comprehensive review of CMOS image sensors.

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Low Noise CMOS THz Imager, Readout Circuit 1/f, CMOS Integrated Circuits, Noise Source in CIS, Photon Counting, Thermal Noise Reduction, N-path Filter, VGA Imager, Read Noise, Low Light, Noise Reduction Mechanism, Switched Capacitor