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The Effect of the Environment on Saint Petersburg's Cultural Heritage

Results of Monitoring the Historical Necropolis Monuments

Vera V. Rytikova (Hrsg.), Olga V. Frank-Kamenetskaya (Hrsg.), Dmitry Yu. Vlasov (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Kulturgeschichte


This book addresses the effects of the environment on Saint Petersburg’s cultural heritage. It summarizes the results of long-term, large-scale monitoring of monuments in, and the environment (air, soil, vegetation) of, the historical Saint Petersburg Necropolis. The book offers detailed descriptions of the unique collection of decorative stones in the Necropolis and discusses the deposits that were most likely used to create them. In addition, it characterizes the processes of stone and bronze monuments’ degradation in response to physical, chemical and biogenic influences. Special attention is paid to describing the monitoring methodology and the structure of the monitoring information database. Drawing on the methodologies and cases presented here, the book subsequently puts forward a strategy for the conservation and restoration of these unique monuments.

This book approaches practical questions of monuments preservation that will be of interest to museum staff, restorers and experts in various fields (geologists, biologists, chemists, engineers, etc.) whose work involves problems of cultural heritage preservation. The book is interesting for everyone who is not indifferent to the history and preserving of the world culture.

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Cultural Heritage, Destruction of Stone and Bronze Monuments, Monuments of Saint Petersburg, Monitoring and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Urban Environment