Human and Environmental Security in the Era of Global Risks

Perspectives from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands

Himangana Gupta (Hrsg.), Mohamed Behnassi (Hrsg.), Olaf Pollmann (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Entwicklungstheorie und Entwicklungspolitik


This book discusses ways to deepen the debate on the linkages between global risks and human and environmental security. The approach put forward in this book is one of questioning the ability of existing concepts, regulatory frameworks, technologies and decision-making mechanisms to accurately deal with emerging risks to human and environmental security, and to act in the direction of effectively managing their impacts and fostering the resilience of concerned systems and resources. Empirical research findings from Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands are provided.

During the last decades the links between emerging risks and the security of humans and nature have been the object of considerable research and deliberations. However, it is only recently becoming an important focus of policy making and advocacy. In this contributed volume, it is presumed that the ability – or lack thereof – to make innovative conceptual frameworks, institutional and policy arrangements, and technological advances for managing the current emerging risks, will foster or undermine the environmental security, and consequently determine the future human security. Moreover, taking into account the links between environmental/climate security, human security and sustainability will help frame a new research agenda and potentially develop a broad range of responses to many delicate questions.


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Human security in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Human security development, Climate and environmental change, Future environmental and human security, Resilience and sustainability of environmental security, Conflicts and human security, Global risks and conflicts, Risk and impact management