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Imperfect Duties of Management

The Ethical Norm of Managerial Decisions

Richard M. Robinson

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This book uses Kant's idea of imperfect duty to extend the theory of the firm. Unlike perfect duty which is contractual or otherwise legally binding, imperfect duty consists of those commitments of choice that pursue some moral value, but that have practical limits to their pursuit. The author presents a broad view of the imperfect duties of management, defined as a nexus of all commitments to do good involving relations internal and external to the firm. This nexus consists of three overlapping categories of (i) building a virtuous managerial community, (ii) pursuing reasoned managerial discourse, and (iii) diligent and reasoned pursuit of the body of routine managerial duties such as capital budgeting and internal controls. Specific applications of the nexus theory for stakeholder relations via fair negotiation, and for analysis of the effects on the managerial team of perquisite consumption are presented.

This book has major implications for research in business ethics and allows critical insights into managerial decision making.

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Kant, nexus of contracts, Kantian ethics, stakeholder theory, categorical imperative, nexus of duty, theory of the firm, business ethics, compensation, imperfect duty, Due diligence, capital budgeting