Appraisal of Infant Baptism in the Anglican Communion

Newman Enyioko

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Christentum


Master's Thesis from the year 2020 in the subject Theology - Biblical Theology, grade: 4.5, , course: Research and Development, language: English, abstract: This study is about a paradoxical appraisal of infant baptism in the Anglican Communion as a response to the mission and doctrinal challenges of baptism controversy in the Christian domain. Given the situation in the background, it is opined in this study that the Anglican theology of baptism needs to be appraised critically in line with its mission. The practice of infant baptism in Anglican Communion is being misunderstood doctrinally by some other Pentecostal denominations that insist on adult baptism of immersion mode. This misunderstanding of baptism in matters of its significance, function, efficacy, method and the adequacy of the outward mode has made this study very imperative. In other words, the lack of consistent knowledge and teaching about infant baptism seems to be the main factor that enables the baptism theology to have a great influence on the infant baptism debate in Nigeria. That is why this study will investigate the better understanding of the Scriptural significance and mode of infant baptism and survey the Anglican theology of baptism in order to respond to its doctrinal challenges in the Nigeria Christian environment.

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Infant Baptism, Initiation, Holy Spirit, Anglican Communion