Leading with the Brain

The 7 Neurobiological Factors to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Business Results

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How do businesses inspire their employees so deeply that they will grow beyond themselves to achieve mutual success? Sebastian Purps-Pardigol has figured it out. Based on insights from brain research, psychology, behavioral economics, and 150 interviews with employees and CEOs, he has devised a new, innovative approach to the meaning of leadership today and what makes businesses unbeatable. He presents seven factors business leaders should utilize to make their workforce feel more satisfied and increase the overall health and wellbeing of staff. In every business, there are hidden energies leaders cannot force their employees to use, but they can unleash these energies by leading in a human-centered way. Leading with the Brain is a fascinating and informative symbiosis of science and management. "Neuroscience has caused quite a stir in recent years. In popular science books, however, you will rarely find descriptive examples of companies which systematically made use of these findings. Organisational consultant, Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, wrote a book which closes this gap." Ingmar Höhmann, Harvard Business Manager "The descriptive examples are turning this abstract topic into something tangible." Thorsten Giersch, Handelsblatt

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