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Privatization of Education Services Provision and Implications for Quality Education in Tanzania

Are efficient Quality Assurance and mechanisms in Place?

Yazidu Saidi Mbalamula

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Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Pedagogy - School System, Educational and School Politics, grade: 8, University of Dodoma (College of Education), course: Educational Management and Administration, language: English, abstract: Privatization of education service and delivery aimed to enhance access and improve quality of education. This shift emanated from global influence such as that of Washington Consensus and Structural Adjustment policies. Notwithstanding there have been quantifiable benefits from this privatization policy, nevertheless, privatization of education services is doomed to assume more commercial and market orientations which undermines quality of education across countries. Evidently, the private education providers, inter alia are largely influenced by profit-making realization in order to nurse their recurrent operational costs, the market dynamics and clientele satisfaction. With few and inefficient quality assurance and controls mechanism in place, as in case of developing countries, and Tanzania in particular, there is less to expect of any good for the quality of educational product at the end of the term in any educational life span. whilst the question whether privatization is or is not feasible approach to sustain emerges, and whose effects which may be presumably intolerable to other production endeavors in which there is room for remedy; educational services suffer total and irreversible defect. This paper confines to anecdote pertinent question, ‘are there efficient quality control assurance and quality control mechanisms for education services and delivery?’. This is fundamental question in order to analyze effectiveness of Privatization of Education Approach in Tanzania. Moreover, several aspects will be discussed including Effectiveness Inspectorate Boards, Examination and Accreditation boards.

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tanzania, privatization, provision, assurance, implications, quality, place, services, education