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Making Global Value Chains

Geographies of Market-Oriented Development in Ghana and Peru

Dorothee Niebuhr

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Internationale Wirtschaft


This book investigates the recent rise of the market-oriented value chain approach in development policy with a focus on the agro-export sector in the Global South. The research project aims at unveiling the political, social and cultural processes around the circulation of market rationales at the global scale and on the ground. In-depth analyses of two exemplary settings, Peru and Ghana, reveal the extent to which national policies, development programs, laws and academic curricula have adopted a "thinking in terms of value chains" in the last decade. By embracing the perspectives of policymakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and producers, this book provides exciting first-hand insights about the making of markets for scholars and development practitioners alike.

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Policy mobilities, Ethnography, Science and technology studies, Marketization, Global South, Emerging markets