International Retailers’ Performance in Host Countries

The Roles of Strategies, Consumer Perceptions and the Local Environment

Lukas Morbe

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Internationale Wirtschaft


Lukas Morbe sheds light on important antecedents of international retailers‘ local performance including international strategies and their local implementation, local consumers‘ perceptions as well as the wider country- and format-specific environment. This topic is of exceptional relevance due to the specific challenges that retail companies face with their increasing internationalization. Retailers transfer their formats across the globe while their business is local in nature and requires attention to the performance in each individual host country. The results of the presented analyses aim to inform retail managers’ decisions in international expansion and operation, but also allow for theoretical implications for future research in the fields of retail management and international business.

About the Author

Dr. Lukas Morbe worked as research assistant at the Chair for Marketing and Retailing at Trier University, where he received his doctoral degree.

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Consumer Perception, Integration, Retailing, Subsidiary performance, Internationalization, Host Countries, Local Environment, Structural Equation Modelling, Multi-level Modelling, International Strategy, Retail Branding, Responsiveness