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An Investor’s Perspective on Marketing Excellence

How Objective Marketing Indicants Can Complement Firm Valuations

Dominik Kemsa

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Werbung, Marketing


Dominik Kemsa develops a comprehensive framework to objectively assess a firm’s position with respect to Marketing Excellence (MEXC). Drawing on resource-based theory MEXC is conceptualized as a holistic framework of capabilities, which can be the source of sustained competitive advantage and concomitant superior firm performance. Conducting a large-scale literature review and synthesizing the findings from different research areas, this book finds that MEXC can be measured with the help of a set of 25 secondary data indicants, which are aggregated to a MEXC dashboard.

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Secondary data, Marketing dashboard, Objective measurement, Marketing capabilities, Marketing accountability, Resource-based theory