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Organization Management – Dynamic Creative Team Coordination

Stavros Georgiades

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


This open access book, through an in-depth process study of the interactions of two creative groups (film production crew) in temporary organizations during two media projects, explores how a team developmental process unfolds and proposes a model illustrating how the groups repeatedly change formation so that individuals can manage job interdependencies and new issues arising while developing, building up, and synthesizing new ideas into a final creative solution. This theory on creative group dynamic coordination builds theory on how and why creative groups coordinate, challenges assumptions about the role of formal structures and informal practices by demonstrating how the two dynamically interact and complement each other to facilitate coordination via the emergence of what one would expect to be “un-coordinated methods”, and provides an alternative perspective to the stages the groups have to go through by emphasizing a cyclical and not a linear team developmental process.

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Dynamic Coordination, Team Developmental Process, Temporary Organizations, Film Production Crew, Creative Team, Open Access