PASCAL - User Manual and Report

N. Wirth, K. Jensen

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Informatik


This manual is directed to those who have previously acquired some programming skill. The intention is to provide a means of learning Pascal without outside guidance. It is based on !he Prpgramming ~angyage e~ (Bev1sed B~) [1]--the basic definition of Pascal and concise reference manual for the experienced Pascal programmer. The linear structure of a book is by no means ideal for introducing a language, whether it be a formal or natural one, Nevertheless, it is recommended to follow the given organiZation, paying particular attention to the example programs, and then to reread those sections causing difficultes. One may wish, however, to reference chapter 12 if troubles arise concerning the input and output conventions of the programs. The manual was prepared as a file on a computer, that is , as a sequence of characters of a single type font. This is very convenient for the purposes of updating: unfortunately, it is sometimes a bit awkward to read. The reader is asked to be indulgent with the absence of sub- and superscripts (e.g. m raised to the power n is denoted by m**n).