Recent research on Nikopolis

Geophysical prospection as a landscape archaeological approach to an ancient city in Epirus (Greece) and the role of geophysical prospection for the research of Roman urbanism

Michael Teichmann, Konstantinos L. Zachos

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Document from the year 2017 in the subject Archaeology, , language: English, abstract: Between the 11th and the 21st December 2008 a geophysical survey was carried out on the site of the ancient city of Nikopolis (Epirus – Greece), founded in the late first century BC, and in its surrounding landscape. The archaeological potential of nine areas of interest was evaluated and the nature of present archaeology characterized. During the project, an area of approximately 49200 square meters was surveyed. The results of fluxgate magnetometer and earth resistance survey are presented within this book. Main results are the discovery of several archaeological features (probably roads and walls) within the walled city area, the discovery of adjacent buildings belonging to a bath complex situated north of the ancient city and the discovery of a road connecting the city with the stadium and the sacred grove in the northern suburb. The results are presented in the context of the research on Nikopolis. The role of geophysical prospection for the research on Roman urbanism is discussed as the general framework of the presented case study.

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