About "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg

Amos Wesonga

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Essay from the year 2017 in the subject American Studies - Literature, Loyola University Chicago, language: English, abstract: The poem Chicago, by Carl Sandburg, is a description of the life and other attributes in the city of Chicago. The writer portrays the city as industrious, proud, hopeful and resilient in the face of many drawbacks. The piece shows an emotional connection between the city and its dwellers. Chicago is depicted in the poem as being a lead freight handler, tool maker and hog butcher city, boasting of robust contributions to the nation. However, the city has its vices such as prostitution, a broken judicial system, as well as the law enforcement system. The writer gives his hope and pride in the city and is passionate about it to a personal level. Chicago is indeed a troubled and proud town; hence, if considered, it can overshadow the bad that is perceived of it.

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