Sea Robbery Reportage and its Implication on Maritime Development. Lessons from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Adongoi Toakodi

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Academic Paper from the year 2016 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Oceanography, , course: Sociology/Anthropology, language: English, abstract: This study investigates the coverage of sea robbery reportage in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. The study adopted Expo facto research design. Data were gathered primarily from secondary sources. The system theory served as its theoretical guide. The study found that there is a significant relationship between sea robbery reportage and maritime development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. This implies that the underreporting of sea robbery activities in the region by the International watchdogs has undermined maritime development .Consequent upon this finding, the study recommend among others, that the International watchdogs should extend their report to the small-scale maritime business operators in Niger Delta region in particular and Nigeria at large .



Niger Delta, Sea, Robbery, reportage