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Into the Wild Woods

A Daniel 'Uneasy' Truce Mystery

C.J. Dunford

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Having accepted that he needs to remain in therapy, PTSD survivor and Inspector with Police Scotland’s Special Crime Unit, Daniel Truce, is settling into his new career. People confuse him, and being romantically involved with the unit’s psychological profiler is making him happy and uncomfortable in equal measure. However, he continues to lie to everyone about the extent of his hallucinations. During one of the worst snowfalls of the year, a young girl is reported missing. Along with Wendy (the profiler) and Cooper (an incorrigible bore and crime scene expert), Truce heads to Perthshire to investigate. All indications point to the girl running away from an unhappy home to live with her boyfriend. Case closed. However, something doesn’t feel right to Truce. An expert in body language, he suspects something is missing from the story the police are being told. When he starts digging into previous cases, he uncovers a pattern of missing teenage girls in the area. And then there are the numerous tales of witches and warlocks and black magic ... But Truce doesn’t believe in magic of any kind. He sets out to solve the case and find the girl - with deadly results. About the Author Caroline Dunford lives in Scotland in a cottage by the sea with her partner and her two young sons. As all authors are required to have as much life experience as possible she has been, at various times, a drama coach, an archery instructor, a counsellor, a qualified psychotherapist, a charity worker, a journalist, a voice actor, a hypnotherapist, and a playwright. Today she writes mainly novels, the odd (often very odd) short story, theatre plays, the occasional article, teaches and mentors. She can't remember a time when she didn't write or tell stories and seriously doubts that she could remain sane if she stopped doing so.

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