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Apocalypse Now

Sermons to the end of the world

Volker Schunck

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Sachbuch / Philosophie, Religion


We live in a time of breaks. The omnipresence of the internet, the imminent loss of personal freedom, elderly poverty and overpopulation, climate change, terrorism, the decay of any moral values, the loss of the own identity to sexuality and luxury, the God Loss of the modern human. That are only a few keywords which can scare us. For me these phenomena are a sign for that we are at the end of the end time. But there is no place for resignation and despondency. Just as little as for a senseless dance at the brim of the erupting volcano. I illuminate with my sermons our present situation and show that we in face of the breaks in our society not have to become desperate but can go hopefully into the future to change it actively with our actions. Thereby God stands in the center, who became in Jesus Christ humanly and powerless. He offers us reconciliation.

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god, terror, hope, apocalypse, crisis, jesus christ, realm of heaven, society, the end of the world