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STORK *P O K O* comes back

ENGLISH_language + about 170 PHOTOS


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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


The best harmony and cut STORY with the deep Heart-feeling from WILD-ANIMALS. A own translate from the CHILDREN-BOOK in German(AUSTRIA) to E N G L I S H for the international WEB-Market. Perfect lovengly/caring a tribute from Wildanimals-Life_Form. Sensitive deep relationship with WILDLIFE_observation. A "WHITE-STORK" with name >P O K O Victor JABAR< comes return to AUSTRIA = the region he was born. He contacted his little old friend=a "BOTTLE-DUCK" with name "DUFFY". Both makes a HIKE, a expedition upper farmers-land and through forest and wetland. New other Wild Animals they see and become interesting informations from other LIFE-FORM. Rare+sheltered Animals tell both over his LIFE. The end from their searching and looking for a new STAY and HOME its very great and fantastic. They become a partner, a nice WIFE. The best Friends are a BEAVER with the name "BOBBY" and 3 DOGS = the dogs are INSPECTORS from a very great nature Reserve privatly FOUNDATION with a GOLF+WELLNESS HOTEL-RESORT.

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