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Dragon's Heart

Loreletta Nox

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Actually, the dragon Ator has a quite pleasant life, if you look at it from the outside.   He likes his work in a security company, he lives with his three best friends – a wolf, a satyr and a naga – in a big house with a huge property around it and his stronghold is full – from a human point of view. House, car, money and occasionally dates with pretty women - the world is definitely open to the four friends.   Or to put it briefly: Ator has exactly what everyone dreams of. It couldn't be more perfect for him, could it?   Nevertheless, despite all the beautiful things, he is missing something important. Something that every shifter, everyone of 'special' descent, dreams of and that you couldn't even buy with all the money in the world. His soul mate, for whom he has been waiting for centuries...



Naga, Mates, Love, Fantasy, Satyr, paranormal, Belletristik, Soulmate, Wolf, Dragon, Shifter, Roman, Romance, Destiny