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I came by terra

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Bodo Tietz

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


Bodo Tietz, born in 1938, recalls the Berlin of his childhood and the deprivation of the post-war years in the capital. But he also remembers that overpowering sense of a city re-awakening to a new and brighter future. With the money they earned with their market stall mother Charlotte and young Bodo kept the family going. He discovered his enthusiasm for commerce in much the same way as he discovered his love of opera and athletics. Bodo wanted to go into business. He became a real "Schenker" guy and gained further experience of the forwarding business in ten other firms before finally setting up his own company, terra. Bodo Tietz takes and likes people for what they are. This is something he has come to accept. But there was one thing this entrepreneur could never come to accept: It can not be done! These words will still have Bodo Tietz shaking his head today. You have to be inventive and determined. You need the will to persevere. Then no task is insurmountable. This is also something to be learnt from this unique book. With a page-by-page running history of world events spanning the years 1938 to 2016.

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