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Individual Paediatrics

Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of diagnosis and counselling Anthroposophic-homeopathic therapy

Hermann Michael Stellmann, Georg Soldner

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Integrative treatment of children

Twelve years after its first publication in German this classic work of anthroposophic and homeopathic paediatrics is appearing as a completely revised 4th edition in its first-ever English translation. Recent developments in the areas of epigenetics, vaccinations, sun protection and vitamin D have been incorporated, as well as new and further elaborated therapy concepts for e.g. middle-ear ventilation disorders, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and ADHD. New case reports have been included to illustrate aspects of individual history taking, diagnostics and treatment. All drug data have been updated.
Enriching and broadening the spectrum of possibilities through integrative medicine is becoming ever more important, especially in caring for children and adolescents and accompanying their parents. A prerequisite for successful treatment is an individual diagnostic process that encompasses the somatic symptoms and constitution, psychological and personality aspects as well as developmental and environmental circumstances, including the familial and social context. The question as to why a child develops a particular condition at a specific moment in their life can be asked with a view to the future and to activation of the child’s own disease-fighting resources and support of their potential.

This book offers:
- Integrative ways of comprehending modern medical and physiological data.
- Inspiration and support for practicing individualized paediatrics.
- Background information on homoeopathy and anthroposophic medicine and their application in integrative paediatrics.
- Clear medication recommendations with information on dosages.

This book is based on the internationally recognised system and concepts of modern paediatrics. It aims to offer doctors ways of augmenting their therapeutic repertoire. It covers most of paediatrics, including:
- Neonatal complications
- Disease prevention
- Digestive tract disorders and gastrointestinal diseases
- Inflammatory diseases
- Allergic and atopic diseases
- Psychosomatic disorders
- Neurological disorders
- Disorders and constitutional aspects of growth and morphogenesis
- Extending treatment options for specific diseases
- Eurythmy movement therapy: principles of effectiveness, areas of application

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pediatrics, Übersetzung, Medizin, Individuelle Pädiatrie 4. Auflage