The Courage to Become

Augusto Boal's Revolutionary Politics of the Body

Birgit Fritz

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theater, Ballett


No-one working in the fields of theatre and politics, applied theatre, theatre history, theatre and performance theory, and transdisciplinary enquiry across the borders of theatre, society, 'development', sociology and social practice from the late twentieth century on can avoid the centrality of Augusto Boal's theatre practice and methodology, its application and implications. This book seeks to outline a number of framing contexts which have shaped this work and to draw from them conclusions about its relevance beyond its original context. It aims to open up questions about Boal's work in the following areas: Social and political: how do Boal's practice and premises inflect how we might or should conceptualise and structure society, individuals, power relations, economies? Critical pedagogies: how does Boal's work and its relational nexus, including for example Freire and Fals Borda, demonstrate and/or develop the understanding and application of practices of learning, understanding, growing and collaborating? The body: in which dimensions does Boal's practice illuminate and open up somatic practices and aesthetic sensibilities which are crucial to social, political and environmental relationship for the 21st century? Thus it traces a trajectory from the roots of Augusto Boal's work in revolutionary theatre praxis to the autopoietic theatre work of the 21st century.

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Action Research, Zeitungstheater, Theater der Unterdrückten, Theatre of the Oppressed, Boal Method, Enrique Buenaventura, Forumtheater, Paulo Freire, Unsichtbares Theater