Preventing A New Cold War - Why Realpolitik still matters. Why the relations between Russia and Western countries are tense, who is responsible for the Ukraine crisis and how the crisis could be solved

Nadine O'Shea

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This book reviews multiple views of the origins of the current crisis in Ukraine and it argues that Realpolitik still matters to some countries. For this, several reasons will be given. In order to apprehend the crisis, you have to understand not only the history of Ukraine, but also what interest Western countries and Russia have in Ukraine. Furthermore, it is crucial to know what interest the Ukrainian government and its population have in the EU, NATO or in Russia. Analyzing the relationship between Western countries and Russia after the Cold War will help to comprehensively understand Russia's view of the conflict as well as the competing views of the EU and NATO. Ukraine is heavily affected by the actions of those states and organizations, but it is an active state which could immensely contribute to a solution. Hence, this book will analyze how Ukraine itself can contribute to end the crisis. Furthermore, it analyses why finger-pointing is not helpful to find a solution. Finally, it offers solutions to the crisis which has been analyzed among other alternatives. Throughout the book, there will be arguments in favor of and against the statement that Realpolitik still matters and has to be considered in order to prevent a new Cold War.