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Family Life Facilitators manual

Christian Pälchen

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This manual is intended for facilitators who wish to host study groups based on the Student Manual. The content is identical to the Student Manual, but includes additional discussion points, statistics, homework assignments and activities. Teachers Manual: That is the introduction from the Manual Dear Teachers, youth pastors and leaders Preface by the Author Products Information page about other products Additional section for facilitators from The Systemwide Training • Education Workgroup (STEW) of the University of California. • Teaching Methods • Literacy Levels • Learning Styles • The Cone of Learning • Experience • Training Materials • Using PowerPoint • Using Flip Charts Introduction (LESSON 1) Why is the family unit so important? What does the Bible say? "God created male and female..." Research agrees Your innate desire to be valued The greatest example Discussion points Preparing For Partnership (LESSON 2) • Whose standard do you maintain? The world's or God's? • Look to God's Word for guidelines • The family unit is at risk • What if I don't marry? Am I incomplete? • A solid foundation is key • You have twelve minutes... Insight about physical attraction (LESSON 3) • Scriptures and discussion points (LESSON 4) • Entering into marriage (LESSON 5) • Basic principles • Key conversations (LESSON 6) • Should we have children and why? • Why is marriage a good idea? • Practical tips and ideas for a good family life (LESSON 7) Open Questions (LESSON 8) Space for notes

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