The First Men in the Moon

Herbert Wells

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Belletristik / Science Fiction


The First Men in the Moon by Herbert George Wells is the unheralded novel by one of the founders of a science fiction genre. After the actual bankruptcy, the n character of the novel tries to hide in a province and start a new life as a novelist or playwright. But his neighbour turns out to be an oddish scientist who invents antigravity material. The main hero became friends with the oddish scientist and tempts him with a prospect of "commercialization of the invention". Inspired by this idea, at the accelerated pace, they build a space vehicle in a shape of a sphere covered with antigravity material. While opening and closing the windows, our heroes fly away from Earth that doesn't pull them anymore to the Moon, which quickly attracts them. At first, the Moon seemed completely lifeless and deserted but it began to in all senses at daybreak. The frozen at night air melts and in the beginning moon animals appear from underground caves and then selenites, intelligent Moon inhabitants emerge. Our travellers from Erath lose their spaceship in grown Moon jungles and then are captured by selenites. Eventually, they manage to escape from the underground. The main hero, nearly frozen to death in the Moon evening, reaches their spaceship after all, but the scientist is taken again as a prisoner by selenites…

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