Hunter's Games: A Thriller

James P. Sumner

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Both Barrels Publishing Ltd. img Link Publisher

Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


The explosive events in Nevada were twelve months ago. But to some people, it feels like yesterday. Adrian Hell has been working hard, keeping a low profile while earning good money killing bad people. His latest contract finds him in San Francisco, hired by a local criminal to take out a corrupt politician threatening to expose his questionable business interests. The hit goes as planned, but when Adrian leaves the scene, he's arrested by the FBI. Despite knowing who he is, the FBI has no evidence of Adrian's crimes. But instead of detaining him, they ask for his help in tracking down a psychopath who is holding the city to ransom following a series of devastating attacks. Their only demand so far was four words... Bring me Adrian Hell. This pulse-pounding, cat-and-mouse thriller is the second novel in the award-winning Adrian Hell series, and features some of the most intense action sequences ever written. If you're a fan of Jason Bourne or Mitch Rapp, you won't want to miss this!



terrorism, thriller, assassin, action, hitman