Flag of the Adventurer

Sidney C. Grier

ca. 1,79
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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Excerpt: "e;"e;At last!"e; murmured Eveleen Ambrose with heartfelt relief, gaining the unsteady deck by dint of a frantic clutch at her husband's arm, and cannoning helplessly against an unfortunate man who happened to be standing near the head of the ladder. "e;Oh, I beg your pardon!"e; as he staggered wildly and recovered himself, with a look of mortal offence on his face; "e;I am so sorry-I--"e;. "e;Steady!"e; said her husband sharply, retrieving her from an unintentional rush across the deck, and setting her up in a corner. "e;What's the matter with you-eh?"e;. "e;The matter?"e; Eveleen's Irish mind was so unhappily constituted that it saw humour where none was visible to others. She began to laugh weakly. "e;The matter? Oh, nothing at all, of course!"e; "e;Hysterics now, I suppose."e; Richard Ambrose's voice was rough."e;I am never hysterical!"e; indignantly. "e;But after four days and nights of being tossed about like a cork in that cabin down there, till I know the feel of every inch of the floor and ceiling of it-and hard enough they are, I can tell you!-mayn't I have your gracious leave to be just a little weeshy bit shaky?"e;"e;