Invasion of 1910, with a full Account of the Siege of London

William Le Queux

ca. 1,83
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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


What if German forces landed on the east coast of England and advanced on London while the British were struggling to mount a counter-attack? That's premise of William Le Queux's The Invasion of 1910, one of the most popular "e;invasion fiction"e; novels of all time. The novel revolves around Germany's rising naval power and its threat to a weak Britain, unprepared for war politically, physically and psychologically. As the Germans occupy half of London, a junior Parliamentarian declares "e;Britain is not defeated."e; A newly formed Army liberates London, but the war is far from over. "e;The Invasion"e; was serialised in the Daily Mail in 1906 as tension of battleship construction threatened to erupt into military conflict between Germany and Britain. (Goodreads)

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