Integration Management and Business Analytics with SAP®

Business Computing in a Manufacturing Company

Domenica Bagnato, Alexander Prosser, Robert Müller-Török, et al.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


This book is the merger and continuation of two successful textbooks, (i) Integration Management with SAP ECC® covering operational processes in sales, cost accounting, materials management and procurement, SOP, MRP, production order execution and project management in manufacturing as well as (ii) Data Warehouse Management with SAP BW® covering the design and implementation of analytics systems based on aggregate structures and “data cubes”. In-memory computing, however, has accelerated database systems to such an extent that analytics does not have not be based on aggregate data cubes any more. Rather, it can be based on the original transaction data and can hence be seamlessly integrated into operational systems in (near) real time. This opens a completely new avenue of business computing by integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics into transactional data processing. This book leverages SAP Hana® data analytics to enhance the operational case study – the manufacture of umbrellas. The case is developed step by step, whereby students build the case virtually from scratch, each working in his/her own manufacturing plant. The case study implementation is supported by a host of interactive materials and web trainers at

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Bagnato Domenica, data, integration, manufacturing, SAP, systems, Prosser Alexander, business, database, management, data processing, analytics, data cubes, Müller-Török Robert, company, computing