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Teaching Strategies to Motivate College Students

Neil Mars

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Schule und Lernen / Sekundarstufe I


The world is changing rapidly, as well as the way we think and live. Meanwhile, while changes occur in the way we read, communicate and interact, absolutely nothing evolved regarding the educational system. Students are showing much less interest and motivation to learn nowadays, and we tend to attribute such phenomenon to some kind of mental disorder or laziness, not realizing that both emotional and physical reactions reflect a new social tendency.

A teacher is a leader of future leaders, so he must give the example through a performance that we see as ideal to a new world, not the world we want or believe, but the world that should exist, a world reigned by mutual-respect, human rights and peace; a world where humanity is the basic and ultimate law and no single government can be above individual rights. That world desperately needs people that think efficiently, know how to analyze information they receive and are creative, with a positive and humanitarian approach that recognizes the whole human race as one interdependent synergy above borders and nationalities, or even cultures.

This is what this book is all about, helping teachers and education experts understand the reality of a world that needs to balance and readjust itself into an order, a natural order of being and expanding in conscience.

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