Published by Zhonghua Book Company- Annotation and Translation of Lao Tzu

Chen Guying

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Annotation and Translation of Lao Tzu is the masterpiece of the famous Taoist scholar Mr. Chen Guying. Selected into the National Reading Guidance Catalog for Primary and Secondary School Students of the Ministry of Education (2020 edition). This book is based on the Wang Bi edition published by Huating''s Zhang, absorbing the research results of Lao Tzu in the past dynasties, making detailed annotations and analysis of it. It also commented on the predecessor''s Lao Tzu commentary and translated it today. The content of this book is informative, explain the profound things in a simple way, the translation is fluent, and the annotations are accurate. It is an important reference book and classic reader for reading and researching Lao Tzu.

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